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This is the first newsletter since my re-election as your president. Let me take this opportunity to thank the membership for past support and for your vote of confidence. I want to assure you that I will continue to strive to meet, and hopefully, exceed your expectations.

Thanks to all who attended the Spring Dance. It was a wonderful turn-out and from all reports, an event worth repeating. This was followed by another success, the Fatherís Day Brunch. Events like these make it possible for us to meet the needs of our Alma Mater. Attendance is the key and I am urging everyone, especially those who have been faithful to the cause and who know how enjoyable our events can be, to spread the word. Come out and see what you have been missing.

As everyone knows, we are busy preparing for the most talked-about Guyanese summer happening, our

annual Last Lap Lime. Do not be complacent, make sure you buy your tickets early and plan to be there!

Our main project this year is equipping the music department of QC. We have received a list of needs from the school. These include a piano, recorders, violins, guitars etc. If anyone knows of good deals out there on the music market, please contact any member of the executive. Donations of instruments would also be welcome. Our ambition is to have the equipment in place in time for the reopening of school in September.

The warm summer months more than compensate for the bitter winter. Do enjoy yourselves and I hope to see you at all our coming events.

Gerald Alleyne
President, 1999/2000

1999 / 2000 Executive
President Gerald Alleyne
Vice President, Membership & Communications Leyland Muss
Vice President, Fundraising Eden Gajraj
Vice President, Programs Albert Raprasad
Secretary Arthur Henery
Treasurer Hemdat Sawh
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Shamshun Dias
Directors Lionel Singh; Conrad Griffith,
Aubrey Kennedy; Lester Fernandes
Immediate Past President Krish Mahesh