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It gives me great pleasure to extend warm and sincere greetings to all fellow QC Alumni, our friends, supporters and their families. It is my wish that the festive season brought only joy and happiness to all. As we journey through the Year 2000, it is only fitting that we take this opportunity to examine our progress so far and to set our compass for the journey ahead.

I am pleased to be able to report that, with your help, your executive has been working diligently to meet our worthy goal of providing assistance to our alma mater. In October, we sent an impressive shipment of musical equipment to the school. This did not escape the attention of the Stabroek News. Another shipment is pending. The present QC pupils are now proud owners of a piano, recorders, violins, stereo, CD’s, training videos and sheet music to mention a few of the goodies.

Jointly, the QC Alumni Chapters have been prevailing upon the government to give attention to the urgent need to repair the structure. The North American Chapters met with President Jagdeo in New York and he gave us every assurance that he will make rebuilding QC one of his priorities.

This notwithstanding, the need to provide much-needed supplies and equipment to enhance the many school programs will still cry out for our attention. Therefore, we can not afford to rest on our laurels.

I am particularly pleased to inform you that we awarded our first two bursaries at a reception in October. As you can see, all our fundraising efforts are benefiting a new QC generation both here and at home.

Many of you may have already heard that the international reunion is being planned for Guyana in July 2000. I guess that many of you have just returned from home after celebrating Y2K under a warm and friendly sky. You no doubt have heard that there was no need to worry because the electricity did not fail when the clock struck midnight. In fact everything was business as usual.

To all our friends, supporters and, last but not least, our membership, I wish a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Many thanks for a bumper year in 1999 and may we outdo ourselves in 2000 and the years beyond.

Gerald Alleyne
President, 1999/2000

1999 / 2000 Executive
President Gerald Alleyne
Vice President, Membership & Communications Leyland Muss
Vice President, Fundraising Eden Gajraj
Vice President, Programs Albert Ramprasad
Secretary Arthur Henery
Treasurer Hemdat Sawh
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Shamshun Dias
Directors Lionel Singh; Conrad Griffith,
Aubrey Kennedy; Lester Fernandes
Immediate Past President Krish Mahesh