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I write this, my final message as your president, with mixed emotions. It is truly a time for reflection. I try to evaluate myself and my team to assess the things we did well and those we could have done better and only one question remains to be answered. Has it all been worthwhile?

I wish to repeat something I have said before and it is this. I firmly believe that service to others is the rent you pay for the space you occupy on earth. I have been privileged, over the past two years, to work alongside, and to be supported by, a large number of hard-working alumni who share my view that we can not turn our back on the well because we have satisfied our thirst. Fellow alumni, please remember, that we are who we are today because we were well served by Queen’s College in the past. We are a true force to reckon with and we have to take responsibility for the generation emerging.

I am proud of the results of all our fund-raising efforts. We can all take pride in the knowledge that our school now has state-of-the-art musical instruments, thus ensuring the total development of the current students. I have seen this organization grow and prosper and I am making a commitment to assist and support the in-coming president to the fullest because if I have learnt anything, it is that we can not

burden one person and sit back as spectators.

I am using this opportunity to again appeal to our “fringe” alumni who have not yet had the courage to come into the trenches and work with us. It is a common excuse that we don’t have enough time. This is my challenge to you. You have exactly the same number of hours in a day, and days in a week, as the rest of us who don’t have the time but manage to make the time.

Enough said. Words can not express my gratitude to all of my executive and the active members who have made my term exciting and productive. I step down with a deep sense of humility as I contemplate all our achievements. I invite you to take a bow and accept my thanks and congratulations for a job well done!

Laude Gratemur scholae
Nostrae conditores
Disce, nam iubent, ludo
Et labore mores.
Corpus sic tibi sanum
Sana mens servabit
Reginae Collegium
Sic honor ditabit!

Gerald Alleyne
President, 1999/2000

1999 / 2000 Executive
President Gerald Alleyne
Vice President, Membership & Communications Leyland Muss
Vice President, Fundraising Eden Gajraj
Vice President, Programs Albert Ramprasad
Secretary Arthur Henery
Treasurer Hemdat Sawh
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Shamshun Dias
Directors Lionel Singh; Conrad Griffith,
Aubrey Kennedy; Lester Fernandes
Immediate Past President Krish Mahesh