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Fellow Alumni:

My best wishes to all for Year 2001. Many scholars claim that indeed this is the beginning of the New Millennium! Perhaps it is just an excuse for another reason to celebrate!

Our Alumni started this year by jointly hosting a twelfth night dance with Bishops’, our sister school. This was an outstanding success and we are hoping to make it an annual event. Our annual Appreciation Evening was another success, Justice Vibert Lampkin was our guest speaker and Danny Doobay Guyana’s Consul General was on hand to present the awards to the recipients.

We have an action packed calendar for this year, our Annual General Meeting in April and Father’s Day brunch in June. In July we must have a strong soccer team to stop the losing streak, which means we have to start practicing in April. In July we also have our joint participation in Last Lap Lime, one of our biggest fund-raisers and we will again need lots of volunteers. In September we hope to have our annual cricket match against Saints and again we are looking for a winning team.

Since this is the 10th Anniversary of our Alumni Association we are celebrating by having a formal dinner and dance at the Inn on the Park Hotel; we will also be hosting the International Chapters at the same time. (details of all events can be found in the body of the newsletter).

As you can see we have a lot of activities planned and yes! you guessed it! the same old people are doing it again! Them boys want a break! This year we need your involvement more than ever before. We need volunteers, young and old.

We received an e-mail from Ronald Alli stating that the Allied Arts building was finally completed and the music equipment that we sent last year has now been transferred to the music department and is being used. We were also advised that a contract was awarded to commence the rebuilding of the school (details in body of newsletter)

We hope to see you out this year participating at all these events or even coming to give us support! Please call me or send me an e-mail if you have any ideas you want to discuss.

Eden Gajraj
President 2000-2001
Tel: 416 609-9298
e-mail: gagee1@home.com

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