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Alumni & Friends:

Thank you! Thank you! THANKS for your support at our 10th Anniversary dance. Yes, Thank you for your support for making this event the success it was. Just when I was saying these alumni don’t care any more, to my surprise, you turned up in large numbers for the celebration. I think we know how to get you guys out to the events from now on. Yes, we will have a celebration every month!

This celebration was of course made possible because of the efforts of Leyland Muss, Arthur Henery, Dennis Lord, and David Singh. These fellows put many hours in planning and organizing this event and should be given hearty congratulations. Our guests came from Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, Florida, Washington, New York and England. We even had with us our dear friend Gordon Wilson who survived the September 11th fiasco at the World Trade Center in New York City.

I hope the success of the 10th Anniversary dance has inspired many of you to come and volunteer with us in our various planned activities for the upcoming year. As I have mentioned in the past if our association is to continue and progress, we must get new alumni involved, especially the younger folks. We need to hear from you, to find out what you want our association to be doing and how you can contribute both financially or voluntarily to make it better. Please call me or e-mail.

I hope to see you all at our Twelfth Night Dance on January 5, 2001. Please get your tickets early to avoid disappointment as they were completely sold out last year As of today this we have not yet had snow, but like me, I am sure you are dreaming of a White Xmas and after that I hope the snow goes away!!!

My Best Wishes to you and your Family for the festive season and may the New Year bring you all, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Eden Gajraj
President 2000-2002
Tel: 416 609-9298
e-mail: eden@fido.ca

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