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Fellow Alumni & Friends:

I am proud and happy to have served our Association as a founding member for the past ten years and especially to be the first President for the new millenium. During these two years we have continued to build on the foundation that was started 10 years ago.

Some of the highlights for the past two years are:

2000 - REUNION: We had our first Twelfth Night dance, in conjunction with Bishop"s High School Alumni Association, in January 2001, and it was a rousing success, 2002 was doubly successful, and it has now become an annual event and people are already booking tickets for 2003.

10th Anniversary Dance: Our Anniversary was a great success. We had guests from Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad, Florida,Washington, New York and London, England. We even had the company of Gordon Wilson on hand, a survivor of the World Trade Centre   disaster. The celebration was organized by Leyland Muss, Arthur Henery, Dennis Lord and David Singh.

GENERAL: We continue to have our Fathers' Day Brunch which gets better every year. Our Literary Evenings have become more intellectually stimulating and interesting each year. We continue to honour those who have helped us to achieve our goals ,at an Annual Appreciation Evening, and we continue to offer 3 Bursaries to children of our Alumni.

REGRETS Soccer & Cricket: We have not been able to field proper teams in these sports and we continue to get "walloped". We have to find the motivation to attract younger alumni to join us.

CHARITABLE STATUS: Unfortunately this status still evades us, but I will continue to work at achieving it.

In closing I was fortunate to have such a terrific team of Alumni to help and support the cause over the past two years and I thank them for their dedication. I only wish that we could attract the younger generation of Alumni so that all our efforts for the past 10 years would not fall by the wayside.

Eden Gajraj
President 2000-2002
Tel: 416 609-9298
e-mail: eden@fido.ca

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